Hi, I need your help. I'm loading a .jar file and I get this error:

errors : class com/eniac/trilliumInterface/EnTIServer
ORA-29521: referenced name java/lang/StackTraceElement could not be found
The following operations failed
class com/eniac/trilliumInterface/EnTIServer: resolution
exiting : Failures occurred during processing

This is my command line:

C:\oracle\ora91\bin>loadjava -r -u trillium/trillium@ora9idb
c:\Cesar\Enti\com\eniac\trilliumInterface\EnTIServ er.class

I don't know where is this class (java.lang.StackTraceElement). It's suppose to be already loaded in PUBLIC, because the help said:

All JVM classes, such as java.lang.*, are loaded within PUBLIC.

Somebody can help me??