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    Question Unanswered: AdHoc reporting against SQL 2K w/meta data?

    Okay... We have a SQL2K database that has about 500 tables or so. It is normalized to a reasonable level and enforces all relationships with PK/FKs, not triggers. Hence, for a database-minded person it is fairly easy to read (as easy as a 500+ table database can be!).

    Our users need adhoc query capabilities. Our report writer is simply overwhelmed. He doesn't need to be spending time writing a report that is intended to be run once.

    I expect the best alternative would be to use some sort of adhoc reporting tool that is based off meta data. We (the DBAs) could be responsible for maintaining the meta data and STILL have a manhour savings over developing all these reports.

    Here's the catch... We are on a TIGHT budget (aerospace industry is still reeling a bit). Is anyone using a product or aware of a product that might be just the ticket for us? We have been investigating a product by LogiXML called LGX AdHoc. Looks promising. Anyone use or familar with it?

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    Can you describe what it does (I didn't find their eval)? I am using ActiveReport from DataDynamics, but it does require some knowledge and time to spend designing reports.

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