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    Question Unanswered: Using "LIKE" in an Access 2000 SQL statement

    hi everyone.. i'm pretty new with using Access so please bear with me

    does Access not like using "LIKE" in an SQL statement?

    i was trying out the query below to look for last names containing the substring 'pa' on my PRSN table

    SELECT PRSN.IntnId, PRSN.LastName, PRSN.FirstName
    WHERE PRSN.LastName LIKE '%pa%';

    does Access treat the '%' as part of the string it's looking for?

    i also tried adding ESCAPE '\' to the statement and placing the backslash before each '%' with no luck

    any help is appreciated

    EDIT: oops! nevermind i just figured out you're supposed to use * instead of a %
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