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    Newbie Needs Help!

    Hi Everyone-

    I'm one of these - "took a basic access class in college and want to do more access guys". I have done programming for SQL and PHP, and some fairly heavy "switchboard-style" access databases back in like the 1997 version quite a few years ago... Anyway, to the point...

    I'm trying to create myself a custom HelpDesk application after I used a wonderful (but expensive one) in my last job.

    Here is the URL to the picture below: This is the rough sketch for tables and whatnot. How does it look, should I change some stuff?

    Also and most important... I want the techs to be able to get their own tickets.. and update each ticket more than once, with info on whats going on. Would I put this info under Ticket Info? Use sub tickets, linked to each "Main/Helpdesk" ticket?

    Thanks for all your help guys!

    PS. I'm going to put the final product up on my website for free download once I'm done :-) so your help is appreciated.

    I didn't worry about "normalization" at this point, so some pointers may say two different things.... I know I did this... :-)
    -Matt H-

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