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    Post Unanswered: Simplify Data Enter - need help


    I am new in database & have some basic questions that need your help.

    I wanted to set up a very basic product & product code so that it will be easy to be access & enter. I am selling numbers of brand (Enc,Rom,Vig,Juc) with different categories (Shampoo, Shower Gel, HB Lotion, Conditional) and with different volume spec (50ml, 90ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml,750ml).

    1. E.g in a form, how can I have a simple enter (e.g code???) so that the product can show a full description: e.g
    Ench Shower Gel 500ml or
    Rom HB Lotion 90ml……..

    2. Due to the promotion, we may need to sell banded products (banded 2 products together & sell as 1 product):
    e.g Vig Shower Gel 750ml + Enc Shampoo 90ml, qty =1000 pcs
    (in this case it is only one selling products but involving 2 sub products).
    How can I :
    • Key in to the product description on my invoice or delivery note with easier (e.g by code…) same as 1. above
    • Related to the transaction of stock of each individual sub products automatically. E.g there will be minus out from stock of 1000 pcs of Vig Shower Gel 750ml & 1000pcs of Enc Shampoo 90ml & than after the banded pack, there will transfer to store & add in to stock of 1000 pcs of (Vig Shower Gel 750ml + Enc Shampoo 90ml).

    Many thanks

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    Arrow Re: Simplify Data Enter - need help

    I have slightly modified + emptied the sample Northwind DB that comes with Access, and added some of your categories/products. See how it looks. I have not had time to add groups, maybe I have time for that later today, or maybe someone else here can add that bit for you.

    Hope this helps

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