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    Unanswered: Please Need Help For Email Form Urgent

    PLease help, i have one day to do this before my school project is in. I need an emial form that will automatiacally send out a defautl email message by a click of a button by taking the email address of the current form "Members", can anybody please help? i dont mind if the whole process isnt in access, Outlooks fine.

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    search this site for "izymailer" (used to be but i didn't check if that still works).

    that gets you (my flavour of) a generic outlook mailer. save the code in a global module called anything you like ...if you are stressed on time don't worry about the details inside the code (in principle you should not use code you don't understand, but also in principle you should not have left your project to the last second before midnight)

    then you need a form that has a mail address, body text, and subject boxes. call izymailer with the values from your form using a button:

    private sub YourButton_Click()
    if izyMailer(False, addressBox.value, subjectBox.value, bodyBox.value) then
    msgbox "your mail got sent"
    msgbox "ooops!"
    end sub

    currently using SS 2008R2

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