I have a form which generates a report based on user input.
Just a few questions:

a) The report is based on the table which the user specifies. Assuming, that all the tables the user could chose, have the same structure, how do i specify this at run-time ?

b) The record in each report will have 3 columns. However, i would like to fit as many records into one page; so instead of having the records continue onto the next page, I want to have them stacked beside each other.
So ordinarily it would be:

record 1
record 2
record 3
record 4
record 5
record 6

but i would like it

record 1 record 4
record 2 record 5
record 3 record 6

where each record is 3 columns wide.

c) Now for the SQL. The table for this query is:

1. ID
2. Month
3. Amount

I want a query to extract:
1) the sum of all amounts
2) the sum of amounts in one specific month
grouped by ID.

I had

SELECT A.RHCBC_ID, A.First_Name, A.Last_Name, Sum(C.Amount) AS ["Monthly Total"], Sum(B.Amount) AS ["Year Total"]
FROM RHCBC_Users AS A, 2004 AS B, 2004 AS C
WHERE (((A.RHCBC_ID)=[B].[RHCBC_ID] And (A.RHCBC_ID)=[C].[RHCBC_ID]) AND ((C.Month)="January"))
GROUP BY A.RHCBC_ID, A.First_Name, A.Last_Name;

which is wrong cause there's some joining issues.

Any ideas ?

thanks a lot in advance