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    Question Unanswered: SQL error 823 (but not your ordinary one...)

    I think i'm gonna go insane...
    I'm trying to load a database using a proprietary SAP tool called R3load.
    What it does basically is generate lot's of insert statments and import
    lots of data into a new database. I keep getting sql errro 823 and 605:

    error message returned by DbSl:
    I/O error (bad page ID) detected during read at offset 0x000002dc59c000 in file 'H:\PR1DATA2\PR1DATA2.ndf'.
    #STOP: 20040208174353


    I'm using a RAID 0 configuration with HP MSA1000 storage (if that helps), and the dbcc checkdb runs fine with no errors. I have tried
    rebuilding the raid array several times with different disks (to eliminate
    bad sectors as an option), and also use just one process to load
    data in order to minize IO load on the system (just to make sure...)
    Anyway, nothing seems to work, and i was wondering if someone might
    know what other things can cause such an error.
    The system is windows 2003, sql server 2000 with SP3.

    Ehud Rosenberg.

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    have you tried dbcc newalloc? put your db in 'single user' and run it.

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