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    Unanswered: <> NULL / is not null problem

    I'd like to know what are the differences between <> NULL and is not null in SQL Server

    I have a sp which uses <>NULL syntax to check for not NULL columns but to insert them in a table, but I've noticed that in some cases (some bds and/or servers) it runs ok while in others it fails resulting in a table with no cols inserted (all setted to NULL). I've changed the sp to 'is not null' syntax and now it works properly. What is the reason for this behaviour?

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    Depends. Normally(ANSI SQL):

    a<>null = null

    whatever a may be. So that does never evaluate to true!

    One can change that behavior with SET ANI_NULLS OFF, than you get

    a<>null = true

    if a is not null and

    a<>null = false

    if a is null.



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