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    Unanswered: Strange SQL +100 Warning

    Hi -anyone here ever seen an SQL +100 Warning when performing SELECT COUNT(*)? - I'm very familiar with +100 warnings (i.e. no rows found) but this is a strange case since for a SELECT COUNT(*) one should simply receive a count of zero with a normal return code if no rows match the WHERE criteria. We do have a sub SELECT within the WHERE - could that do it?

    What's really strange is that the query runs fine from SPUFI / DB2 Command Center - but in the binded module it receives this error.

    We're on DB2 V7.

    Thanks for the help!
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    I ran the following query using the CLI on DB2 V8 for Linux:

    select * from employee
    where edlevel =
    (select count(*) from employee where lastname ='xxx')

    I got no rows back and return code of +100

    If I just run the subquery portion by itself, I get "0" back with return code of 0.
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    in all cases SQLCODE 100 should be handled in the program, so u can set the number of rows returned to 0
    hany heggy,
    IBM certified Professional, AIX system support

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