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    Unanswered: Recommended DB Design

    Let's say for instance that you have a group of tables that stores address information for different groups (i.e. Doctors, Patients, Providers, etc.) Would it be better to create each table to store the address information or create an Address table that would store this information with an Address type and a link back to each table?

    I prefer the second choice, but am having a hard time convincing other devlopers to follow this route. Maybe if I have some input from a more experienced users group I can stress my point a little more effectively. Thanks in advance for any input you can provide.

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    Why don't you store the address into the table Doctors, Patients, Providers?

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    You should consider going one farther and consolidating Doctors, Patients, and Providers into a single table.

    After all, couldn't a doctor conceivably be a patient of another doctor?

    You use a flag to indicate whether a particular person is a Doctor, and another to indicate whether they are a Provider.

    Then add a table to establish many-to-many relationships between the different entities.
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