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    Unanswered: validating text to check for number

    Im a newbie to access only bin using it at college for 8 months or so. Im doing an assignment based on a company that sells fuel. I've got tables and forms built.
    I need to validate a text field to ensure it doesn't contain numbers.I only need to do this at table level in the validation field. I've had a few clicks with the builder but i guess its not much good unless you already know the function you need!
    My other problem (again at table level) is i need to validate a text field to ensure it only contains numbers (why i hear you ask?-its for a phone number)

    Any info would be excellent

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    Try this.

    The best way for text phone numbers is to use an input mask: \(000") "000\-0000

    But if you insist on validating to numbers only use this: IsNull(val([Field Name])) it, gimme a beer... Jimi Hendrix RULES!

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