Hi! I'm not actually a database programmer.. i'm just a simple network tech guy helping out our resident programmer.. but i know a little bit about databases over WAN.. i know only the transport side.. i have configured oracle net8 on my previous job.. now our problem is like this.. our programmer has a visual foxpro (VFP) front-end app and he just bought a microsoft sql 7 for his back end because we can't run the vfp over WAN because for obvious reason it's too slow for that.. but our programmer is a babe in the woods with sql.. and also me =) ...um i would like to know if there are some resources out there to teach us how do to this.. or is anyone here kind enough to guide us through.. i have searched google.. this forum.. and another forum (tek-tips) but couldnt find anythin.. or maybe i just dont know what to search for..

is there like a net8 connection manager / listener in microsoft sql?

our set up is like this..

Client PC (win9x) ~ VFP app ---> DB Server (winNT) SQL <--- routerA--WAN--routerB <--- Client PC (win9x) ~ VFP app

what we want to achieve is..

1. how do we connect the local client PC and the remote client PC to DB server? or do we need 2 DB server on each end and just do a replicate or synch process?

if you have a better solution than this.. we're very much open about it..

pls help us ...really need help badly

thanks in advance! =)