I have tried using MSSQL 2000 (SP3) on LAN/WAN of transmission line such as 10/100MBPS, ADSL 2Mb/2MB and Dial-Up 56KBPS. Everything is working fine and that succesfully create an identical database on the Publisher and Subscriber.

I am worried on 1 thing, what if the transmission line such as ADSL drop in WAN situtation on the Subscriber site. The Subscriber will not able to download/upload any append data to the publisher and vice-versa. Another option I thought of is to use dial-up access to connect to the Internet again (MSSQL go through firewall with restricted IP), what if the dial-up access transmission line did not get a transmission rate as we expect and that could be drop to 23.1kbps, with that bandwidth, the subscriber will have problem to register the publisher by using Client Connection Utility in MSSQL 2000. That will result to the same situation where there will be no merge transaction during that time.

I have even look into the possibility to create a DTS to grab the data from MSmerge_contents(Insert and Update record) and MSmerge_tombstone(Delete record), but how do I able to see the difference on which record has been send over to the publisher or subscriber. I have thought of schedule to clean 3 tables daily,what if the disaster happen during the mid-day of the operation hours. Those data that were replicated is on both side of the publisher and subscriber but I wouldnt know which one has been update on both side.

Please advise and suggest to me a solution to the above matter.

Thank You