Dear Oracle - folks,

For me there is a need to create a web and Oracle based application in the near future.
As I am relatively new to the whole Oracle world I would appreciate any start up help.
Main issue to start up the system is which software environment do you think is appropriate.
Currently I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.

I understand that I can connect any ODBC type database to the Visual Studio 6 but there
is another restriction the future web application has to fulfill. It only should use
Java and Javascript for all interaction, logic procedures, algorithms etc. Within
my Visual Studio there is a J++ environment integrated. Does it make sense to use
Oracle 9i together with Microsoft Visual Studio J++ in order to create a platform
independent web application? Or should I think in antoher direction like JDeveloper
directly from Oracle or J2EE?

By the way, the application already exists using Microsoft Access, ASP (Active Server
Pages) and Visual Basic.

Questions over questions, dear folks, but let me thank you all in advance for your
kind help. And who knows maybe this is also the starting point for something wonderful
to happen in the near future.

Keep the spirit going.


OffWorld aka TeeJay