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    Unanswered: Query Problem -

    I have set up a database that logs all the late deliverys to our customers:-

    A route plan may have 5 destinations, and may also have three seperate customers on each destination.

    The problem is this:-I wish to query what deliverys problems a particular supplier has had - so i enter that parameter and:-

    A) I only get the results from the first Field OR
    if i enter the parameter for all 15 fields(in the design view) I get asked "Which supplier" and enter the relevant details-but with NO results.

    So i need the query to succesfully "ask" 15 fields for the relevant information - at the moment i get either the result from field 1 or nothing at all.

    Please Help!.

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    It sound like you want to enter a parameter in all 15 field displaying in your query, but when you use

    =[Enter Supplier ID], etc

    You don't get anything to show up. It is probably becuase some of you parameters are left blank (you want everything for that parameter, that is avialable). What you need to do it change you parameter to

    like [Enter Supplier ID], etc

    and the you want everything that is avaialable for a certain parameter enter a * (which is the wildcard character meaning anything)

    To simplify this process for you users I would create a form where you hav ethe enter there criteria and base you query on the values stored on the form.

    like [forms]![FormName]![FormTextBoxName]


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    Thank you for your help.

    Will try out some alternatives tonight.

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