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    Unanswered: Report/SubReport-Adding opening balance to only next record?HELP

    I am at wits end with this. I have a transaction report that has a
    union query as a record source that asks date parameters from an input
    form. The union is made up of receipt and shipment transactions. Since this is a union of these items there is no unique key field anymore (they are merged together under the "ReceiptID" The sub report is based on a variation of the same union but only has the "startdate" portion and it sums all records prior to whatever date I enter. Both reports have the same grouping/Sorting "MatNumber".

    I have a text box in the "MatNumber" header that picks up the
    information from the sub report (sum of QtyReceived - Sum of ShipQty).
    All this works. I have another text box in the detail section of the
    main report (QtyReceived - ShipQty and is set to running sum) This
    works too, by itself, but not when I try to add the sub report field
    to the main report field (as an opening balance). If I leave the field set to running sum it takes the sub report field and adds to the main report field and then does the running sum. If I don't have it set to running sum is takes each detail line individually and add the sub report amount.

    It seems like I would need to have the "Opening Balance" added only to the next record in line which is the starting point of the main reports detail and then carry on with the running sum.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this doesn't make
    complete sense. I have looked at it so long I often confuse myself.

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    In this case a picture would be worthwhile.

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