i recently set up a server database using MSDE on one of our win2k server systems

we need 4 users to connect to this database, 2 using access97 and win98, 2 using access 2k and win2k

I have set up the two access 97 users using ODBC, and that all works fine.

The Access 2000 machines didnt have "projects" installed so i set up ODBC as a short term measure, and they could connect fine.

Now i have got the projects module installe don the two systems and they wont connect.

One of the systems will recognise the server (from the connection pulldown), the other just hangs there

the system that WILL let me find the server then wont recognise the user and password, although they are entered exactly the same as in the ODBC connection which has let them in the last few days.

I have updated MDAC and that didnt help. I still kepp getting a
"error in initializing provider"

I am using the trial version of MSDE Manager to check and modify user permissions, but that runs out today, and as you know, there are no GUI tools with MSDE like there are in full SQL Server. Therefore, every one of the users has been set with the same permissions etc. (unitl i learn the syntax for administering users through OSQL )

Buying SQL Server, even the cheap version, is not an option.

Any ideas?