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    Unanswered: Memory usage in Task Manager


    I am a newbie on SQL server and my problem is this:

    My SQL server runs with many client queries and after a while I can observe that the meory usage of the SQL server shown in the Windows Task Manager is growing up (e.g. 260 MB !!!).

    I checked the online books and found the settings "min/max server memory" which I set to

    min = 4 MB
    max = 20 MB

    by Enterprise manager.

    Then I restarted my SQL server, checked the memory settings again by Enterprise manager and started many client queries. The memory usage in Task Manager nevertheless exeeded the 20 MB.

    What is my failure? How can I limit the memory usage of SQL server?

    Thank you very much for any help...

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    Re: Memory usage in Task Manager

    After the change, did you stop and restart SQL?

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