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    I have a database which contains several tables about people in my school and their test results,

    One of the tables has the different subject details, each subject had a code eg, Maths = 0001, English = 0002 ect

    Then I have a table which had the marks of each student

    I want to make a query which shows the higest mark in each subject

    How do i do this???

    Thank You In Advance

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    Assuming your "marks" table contains the Course Codes, you need to use the DMax function. create a new query and add the fields from your courses table (the ID field and the descriptive field). Then create another field that would look like this:

    HighestMarkMax("Mark","TblMarks","CourseID = " &ID)

    where ID is your primary key field from your courses table (the one you've added into the query).

    In case you're not familiar with DMax, you can get a full description in help. You can use DCount, DSum, DMin etc. as well.

    Hope this helps!!!
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    Subjects (code, columns)
    Results (subject_code, student, result)

    select v.*, s.*
    (Select subject_code, MAX(result)
    from results
    group by subject_code) v
    subjects s ON
    v.subject_code = s.code;
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