Suppose we have an MS ADP <-> MS SQL and in ADP we have a Continous Form on a Stored Procedure with parameters (related to controls on the Form to Filter rowset). Same time I need to sort the data shown on the Form and I use OrderBy & OrderByOn from VBA.
Now, if I Sort form this way and change the Control referenced to a SP Parameter, Parameter changing doesn't take efect, even if I use Requery or Refresh, Somehow ADP doesn't recognizes changes of the controls related to Parameters after I use OrderByOn=true.
I checked it via SQL Profiler and figured out that ADP sends SP command with older parameters even after Requery of the Form.

I find an interesting solution - update InputParameters property of the Form this way

AFTER CONTROL UPDATES (control that is related to parameter)

DIM flg as Boolean
My question is - Is there any other way?