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    Question Unanswered: Problem browsing cube on Windows Xp Pro

    I installed Analysis Server on my laptop (Win Xp Pro) and created a cube as mentioned in the Analysis Manager Concepts & Tutorial. In the last setp of creating a dimention (Where i will give the dimention a name) i got this message in the preview pane: "Unable to browse the dimension 'New Dimension'. Provider can't be found. It may not be properly installed".
    I ignored this error, and completed building the cube, then processed it successfully, but when browsing the cube, it gives the message:"Unable to display the cube until it has been processed. (Unspecified error)".
    more prcesses to the cube woun't do any good.

    Any help will be appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you have mdac / pivot tables services / newest office service packs installed ?

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    It is working now after installing the SQL Server SP3 (and the Analysis SP3)
    Thanks dajm for the inspiring relpy

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