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    Unanswered: CancelUpdate Question

    How can I CancelUpdate when I leave a subform to scroll through another subform.

    The problem I am having is when I am working in subform1 and click the scrollbar in subform2. When this is done, the info that was being entered in subform1 is saved automatically when it loses focus. I would rather click back into subform1 and continue where I left off.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Access, by design, saves the data when you leave the record. It also considers moving between forms and subforms to be a record change. This is good when you enter a header record which must exist before you can enter the sub records. You have found a case where it is bad. You could use events like GotFocus to automatically put the cursor at the end of the line, but this may not work on terminal servers:

    Me!YourFieldName.SelStart = Me!YourFieldName.SelLength

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