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    Unanswered: Issues with subforms


    I would appreciate any help whatsoever on this issue. I don't believe that this is possible, but I would like to ask any way.

    I have created a main form that has a set of hyperlinks on in.

    I have also created a sub form in this main form, and would like to know if there is anyway possible when a hyperlink is clicked, for it to open in the sub form.

    The hyperlinks all point to existing forms.

    Is this possible at all?



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    It should be.

    In the OnClick event of what you are calling your "hyperlink" (I don't know what it is you are referring to there), you can add code to change the SourceObject for the subform to the Form you have clicked on.

    You may also want to modify the "Link Child Fields" and "Link Master Fields" property values as well to tie the contents of the subform to what's on your main page.


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