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    Unanswered: Writing form value back to a field in a table.

    I have a form called Account with the following fields on it as textboxes which pull values from an underlying table called Account.


    Additionally there is another textbox called PaymentDue which has the following formula under the Control Source


    This calculates the value of paymentdue as desired but I can not figure out how to write the value of paymentdue back to the paymentdue field in the Account table.

    Is there an easy way to set some sort of proprty to do this?

    I've tried writing an update query launched via a command button as follows also to no avail.

    UPDATE Account SET Account.PaymentDue = [Forms]![Account]![txtPaymentDue]
    WHERE (((Account.PaymentDue)=[Forms]![Account]![txtPaymentDue]));

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The error lies in the WHERE clause.

    It should be something like

    WHERE OriginalBalance = [Forms]![Account]![Field1]
    AND TerminMonths = [Forms]!...
    AND DiscountFactor = [Forms]!...

    that is, those conditions that are uniquely identifying your record in Accounts table

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