Hi friends,
this is very urgent. try to help me.

I have implemented Merge replication using Sql DMO. I have succeeded creating publication. but while i try to create push subscription i m getting this error.

ReplicationDatabase rd1;(its a instance of the publication database);

rd1.EnableMergeSubscription("DEVI\\MSDESQL","devs" ,"devs", SQLDMO.SQLDMO_SUBSCRIPTION_TYPE.SQLDMOSubscription _Push,

If the subcriper type is Pull subscription then everything working normally. But i need a push subscription.
what i need to do to make this method executed.

is there any other way to configure a replication using DMO (other than using ReplicationDatabase or MergePublicationClass)

This is very urgent.

try to reply me as soon as possible.
Thanx yaar.