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    Unanswered: Mail merge date problem

    HI All,

    We're trying to do a mail merge with Word 2002 and Excel 2002. The problem is that if a person has a dirthdate where the day of birth is less than 12, then when the merge happens, the date and month can flip.

    For example, if the person is born August 6 (8/6), the merge document comes out as June 8 (6/8).

    Can any one figure this out? Microsoft com doesn't seem to address this issue.

    Many thanks


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    Pull your mail merge data from a query that has BirthDay: Format(BirthDate,"yyyy/mm/dd") instead of BirthDate. You will have to edit your merge documents to change the name of the field. The problem is with different computers using different regional settings. I use this format all the time and have yet to see Access switch the days and months on me.

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