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    Red face Unanswered: Devices change after loading

    Hi everyone,

    After loading a dump, a device claims te be for both data and log (according to Sybace Central)

    This wasn't the case when I built the database (X), nor was it in the database the dump came from (Y).


    Devices before loading:
    A 1000Mb data
    B 1000Mb data
    C 125Mb log
    D 125Mb log

    After loading a dump:
    A 1000Mb data
    B 750Mb data
    B 250Mb log
    C 125Mb data
    D 125Mb data

    Is this harmfull?
    I have recreated the receiving database (X) already, but nothing seems to help. After loading a dump, i's like this again...

    Any ideas?


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    Yeah we get this. Sybase just spews the database everywhere. The only disadvantage is if you are really bothered which devices are used by what. On a production database you normally wouldn't want any data on the same device as log....

    The way to avoid it is to create the database in the same way - ie with the same size segments (look in sysusages to see the sizes) in the SAME ORDER as well. Most important are the first two segments. Create these then use alter database to build the rest of it (you may find the rest doesn't matter so much).

    Hope that helps (and makes sense)

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    You've put your finger right on the aching spot (dutch expression!).

    Thanks for helping out. I have canged the order of creating the database (first 2 x 500 data, 2 x 125 log; then adding 2 x 500 data) and after loading now the right devices are used for the log.

    I was warned for this, but trapped the wire anyway!

    Thanks again!!



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