I have installed ASE, EBF 10431 on to Redhat's Fedora Core 1. The ASE is configured and working correctly - I can login and execute SQL commands using ISQL.

I am trying to connect using PHP, please see the following script.

$dbhost = "rwc3" ;
$dbuser = "sa" ;
$dbpass = "xxxxxx" ;
$dbname = "master" ;

$link = sybase_connect( $dbost, $dbuser, $dbpass ) ;
$query = sybase_query( "select name from master..sysdatabases", $link ) ;

while ($row = sybase_fetch_row($query) )
while( list($k, $v) = each($row) ) {
echo "\$row[$k] => $v <br>" ;


sybase_close($link) ;

/etc/ld.so.conf contains an entry for /opt/sybase/OCS/lib
and ldconfig has been run.

Running ldd against /usr/lib/php4/sybase_ct.so reveals that it has been correctly linked to the Sybase libraries.

No errors are generated by Apache (2.0.47) in /var/log/error_log

PHP was recompiled to include the sybase_ct libraries with the following switch on ./configure


When I try to browse the page containing the above script I get the following message in the browser...

Warning: sybase_connect(): Sybase: Unable to connect in /home/richard/public_html/php_test/sybase_connect.php on line 14

Line 14 is the line containing the sybase_connect function.

Have I missed something, can some one help me please.