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    Unanswered: Opening a form with record pre-selected

    Howdy all

    Does anyone know if it's possible to open up a tabular continuous form (ie each line is a seperate record) with a record in the form preselected?
    I've a continuous form that lists 'Events'. The form has loads of command buttons on it that brings the user to various other screens associated with the event they've selected, ie. for editing event details, associating people with it, viewing it's current invitations etc.

    Is there some way of reopening the main listing after they've finished the particular task, with the same event they came from preselected? I have an event number I can reference. It's probably summit similiar to a filter, but rather than just displaying the particular record, it needs to display ALL records, but with the correct one selected.
    I can't just leave the original form open in the background, cos there's so many possible workflows in this thing that forms would be left open all over the place and there'd be memory errors.

    Any ideas? Kudos if anyone was able to frickin follow any of that....


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    No, filters won't help!
    You need something like this

    set rst=frm.recordsetclone
    rst.findfirst CriteriaToFindaRecordYouNeed

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