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    Angry Unanswered: FRM-40831 column db size < form field length but still says truncating

    In Oracle Designer 6i Forms, I have set up a WHEN_BUTTON_PRESSED (WBP) form trigger at the block level. The WBP code selects records based upon a p_item_id. Then it calls a function to derive a name. The function returns only the derived name. The function does not use the p_item_id within it. Next the WBP code does an EXECUTE_QUERY and SYNCHRONIZE to refresh the form with the new derived name. However, at this point I am getting the 'aggravating' message 'FRM-40831: Truncation occurred: value too long for field p_item_id.'

    I have looked at documentation and on Metalink at numerous TARs and it is often suggested that the db column length is longer than the form field length for p_item_id. This is not the case. The p_item_id db type is number(9) and the form field is set for a display width of 12. I even tried setting the form field width to 30, even though the p_item_id is not even displayed in this block on the form. Also, I tried to capture this FRM error message with an ON-ERROR event under application logic at the form level and the block level. But it did not work. It still shows up. Has anybody had any dealings with this criter before?
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