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    Unanswered: problems in restoring using ONTAP

    I have a backup file > 2G so I used unix named pipes to compress on the fly the backup file. Backup is working fine in this way.

    But when I am trying to restore from that compressed file I am using the other way round..e.i. uncompressing and putting in the pipe and then ONTAPE reads from pipe.

    It tries to read the pipe but then exits giving error " physical file can't be restored"

    Any one having any experience of this kind of problem???? or any other alternate to deal with > 2G backup file. Any syntax..

    Again ..backup is working fine .. the problem is how to restore that compressed file(because when I will uncompress directly to a a file the size wil increase > 2G)

    Any kind of help will be appreaciated ... ASAP coz we have DR exercise on coming friday.

    Thanks a lot.

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    ontape needs to check the size of the file it is going to restore; this is not possible with a pipe.
    Try to install IDS 9.40 and use th erestore on that instance.
    9.40 doesn't have the 2GB limit anymore, so first, uncompress, then restore.
    See how it goes.
    This is not actually a good way, since you 'll encounter a version mismatch of ontape, but maybe it will go on.

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