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    Unanswered: PHP and css Formmailer

    Hi Guys!

    Iam not very experienced with PHP but ive tried to make a little Formmailer for my Homepage - it works !!

    But now i want to make an IP-Lock so Users only can send one Mail in a Hour.
    And how to make one or two fields required? (Like Name/Message....)

    Ok and now CSS - ive made one but i dont know how to define Textboxes and Buttons?! (Where the User enter's his name or Message.... Button = Submit or Cancel )

    If any one of you need the src-code, i can post it here!!

    Big thx 4 help!


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    For the IP issue, you will need to make a DB table to record IP's along with the time, the script should also clear them (delete record after one hour of creation) The user's ip is stored in $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] => all you need to do is store it in the db after the message is sent and check if the IP has been used in the past hour before sending (in addition to some cont. cleanup for the table).

    As for the fields, this is an HTML thing, you simply make an HTML form (you can use front page then modify outcome), if your form method is POST you will find the values on the next page in an associative array $_POST and if GET in the array $_GET

    Very simple, usually in the first few chapters of any PHP book, you won't find it hard to find such short common text on the subject, and reading this is a great investment those are everyday programming kind of stuff !

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