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    Unhappy Unanswered: Error 40036

    I just worked on my Access Database und suddently an error appears:
    on opening a form, there is an error that the function "form load" has an error (what is impossible because there are 3 correct lines of code!)
    and the second problem is, that I can't access this form. for example the code Forms![Eingabe neue Behandlung]![Tier_PN] = rs![PN] results to this error-message: "Runtimeerror '40036': The Method 'Item' on Object 'Forms' is failed"
    I tried much but got no solution to this problem.
    I'm using Access 2000 (with DAO 3.6) and WinXP-Pro.

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    Try this:


    hope it helps.
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    I already tried the error tapping method explained in this forum but it doesn't work. Or I did something wrong but I don't know what because the code is so simple.

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    on which form are put this code? on "Eingabe neue Behandlung" ?
    if so, then you'd better use "me" instead of "Forms!... "
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    error 43006..i get this alot due to me being a vb programmer and working in vba. ((% of the time the error lies in the form your opening not the form your havin the error displayed in. Remove the last code you changed close..reopen the program and it will work. access suck like this!

    you may also debug all the code on your subform to find where the error is truely happening rather than where it says it happening. youll find access steps through all the code on your subform before it opens it.

    Anyhow hope this help!!

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    are you sure rs exists???

    you have "3 correct lines of code"
    one of them contains
    "Forms![Eingabe neue Behandlung]![Tier_PN] = rs![PN]"

    ...that leaves you two lines of code to define DAO recordset "rs"

    lets try:
    dim db as dao.database
    dim rs as dao.recordset
    set db =
    ....damn, out of space!

    lets try again:
    dim rs as dao.recordset
    set rs = currentdb.openrecordset("SELECT * FROM blah WHERE something;") it can be done but it doesn't leave you a lot of space to check that there is something in the recordset!

    put a breakpoint on the offending line and when it breaks, wave your mouse over rs![PN] and see if it has a value (or type
    ? rs![PN]
    in the immediate window which is about the same thing)

    currently using SS 2008R2

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