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Thread: DB2 Fenced User

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    Unanswered: DB2 Fenced User

    Hay Everybody,

    I'm setting up new DB2 Database Systems right now and I was wondering about something I could not find in IBM Documentation.

    I know what the fenced user is for and stuff, but does this user need:
    a) a login shell
    b) a home directory

    For security concerns I don't want to give this user a loginshell.
    I was just thinking if this is really neccessairy. For what I know is that the fenced user is most likely the DB2 pendant to the nobody user that can run a process but is not a system user.

    Question might be stupid, but I was just wondering about this.


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    DB2 fence user requires home directory and login shell. DB2 fence user is used for stored procedure executation and I think for external stored procedures it stores DLL in fence home directory.


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