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    Unanswered: Adding na (not applicable) to column...


    Does it make sense to add a value such as na (for not applicable) to a column where that value doesn't apply? In my example below, 'cat' (for category) is of the primary keys of the table 'tbl_scores' so NULL values are not permitted for the column.

    I do not have a value of cat for Science and I'm wondering if it's bad design to insert value like 'na' into a mysql column.

    member_id  subject  cat           topic_id practice_id score date 
    2                English   grammar  100       1               60     2004-02-12 
    2                English   vocab       100       1               80     2004-02-12 
    2                English   vocab       100       2               20     2004-02-12 
    2                Science  na            102       1               60     2004-02-12
    Please enlighten me and thanks in anticipation
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