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    Unanswered: links in a form....continuous run

    Ok...I have decided to not use a switchboard since there is a main form that my users are working, my question is i have links to different forms that host links to run reports. Some of these reports have a date prompt that defines a record set between the dates the user specifies. Ok, so when i click the link to run the report my curser keeps running (its an hour glass)... the problem being that the report opens first which there is code in the report that initiualizes the date prompt form to open then the dates are entered and the user clicks "run report.

    I set it up like this because i am reusing the form "Date Range Prompt" (I have quite a few reports that require a date range).

    I guess the fix is to have the link open the date range form first then once the user enters the date range and clicks the "run report" it triggers the report to run taking into consideration the date ranges entered...And can i reuse one date range form??? Instead of making a bunch of the same form, just different names?

    My problem is I'm not sure how to do that.

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    You can definately reuse the date range form. Simply pass to it the name of the report as an opening arguement. When the user enters the dates and clicks the print button, use me.openargs to determine which report to run. To pass an opening argument, filling the last variable in the OpenForm Method:

    docmd.OpenForm(FormName, View, FilterName, WhereCondition, DataMode, WindowMode, OpenArgs)

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