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    We have Pervasive 2000i (SP4+Hotfix) running on an 8 cpu, 4 gb memory server.

    Unfortunately I've only been able to reliably give 550 megs to Pervasive, and even when it is very busy (and slow) it only gets about 15% of the cpu (1/8th is around 12.5). Is the engine spawning a new thread, waiting for it to complete, then spawning another one?

    Any ideas (other than going to V85 which I'm testing now) on how to make Pervasive 2000i use more threads and take advantage of the other CPU's?

    I've checked the monitor and none of the peak #'s are even close to maxing anything out.

    I suppose Pervasive 2000i can't analyze a query and use multiple CPU's to process a query in parallel (like Sql Server can) since it does not directly support multiple cpu's. Is V85 any better in this respect?

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    2000i didn't take specific advantage of multiple processors. In addition, 2000i required cache memory to be contiguous. The most I've ever seen in a 2000i install was about 700mb.
    What are you doing in terms of Pervasive? Also, what else is going on on this server?
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    "In addition, 2000i required cache memory to be contiguous."

    Yes, this is what is so frustrating. I'm currently installing V85 to see how it fairs on a test box with 4 cpus and a gig ram. The L2 cache looks promising. Not sure how it will utilize multiple cpus though. And this is pretty much a dedicated database server.

    "What are you doing in terms of Pervasive? Also, what else is going on on this server?"

    We have a 3rd party software package that has used pervasive since the days of DOS/btrieve..used to be on Novell but now on NT.

    We also are now hitting it with ODBC SQL queries and inserts... When the database use gets "heavy", SQL selects "inserts" (even from PCC on the local server) take a long time. Even if I insert into an empty table on it takes 5 seconds between each insert if I "run all". So it's not locking, not indexes, it's just that pervasive is really busy.

    I am really hoping V85 can take full advantage of the server's hardware. The pervasive service never goes past 16% utilized even when the database is running hard.

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