I am in trouble. I have an Excel Worksheet containing a Column A which
has an entry list of dates. From January 01 to onwards There are 5
other columns containing different values. The total worksheet is from
Column A1 to Column F20. My requirement is to Create a Macro by which I will ask user to give a range on the basis of Column A (Column A
contains Date Values) by an input dialog box that should ask user to
input starting date and ending date. Once the input values are entered
the program should get the addresses from the input dates. for example
if the dates which were enter were in cell A2 and A56 then the program
should highlight columns from A2 to F2 and A56 to F56 and(A2:A56) but
these addresse are not constant as they depend upon user input. So i
need a macro that could create a range out of that address and mark it
with some border or color or pattern. Please help me and tell me how
can we achieve this. Please do leave your email address for saying