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    Unanswered: Find in wks1 and then copy to wks 3 !!Help

    It might be a very simple question, but i am totally stuck with this problem. What i have is 3 worksheets in excel

    this is the data sheet with fields
    a1 customer name
    b1 monthly premium
    c1 agent number.........and so on.

    sheet 2
    a1 agent number
    b1 agent name
    c1 agent address.........and so on.

    Sheet 3

    what i want to do here is put an agent number in A1 let us assume "60"
    then a macro runs through the colomn c of sheet 1, and if a customer exists has an agent number= 60, then starting at row 5 in sheet 3 starts to copy the customer name and his monthly premium one by one from sheet 1.
    for instance if there are total 3 customer that have agent 60 in sheet 1, at row 14, 27,and 59 respectively. Then in sheet 3 all i want is 3 rows with customer that had that number 60 in their c coloum (i-e rows 14,27and 59).

    any thing or clue will help, i am just a dumb node, please help
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    this is not it but might give you ideas

    what do you plan to do with the data in sheet 3 once you have it in the filtered according to its position in the customer table (sheet 1)?

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