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    Post Unanswered: SQL Server backup problems

    Can anyone help with problems with MS SQL backup. I have received error #3041 & 18204 during backups. I also received and error during a restore process where MS SQL Restore process reported that the "Restore process" had completed successfully, yet the status of the "restored" database is "Loading". This appeared to me as though the process had hung during the loading of the "restored" DB.

    I also noticed a strange cache file had been created by MS SQL, named:
    _BEVspCacheFile_0.TMP. What is this file? When is it created? Can the file be deleted safely? If so, what services should be stopped or how do I go about doing this? The file is approximately 13 Gb in size and is now static. In other words, the date stamp of the file is 1/06/2004.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Danny Reneau

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    (1) Check disk space - this will stop a restore in its tracks and possibly leave the database marked as "loading".
    Also, it is possible the backup file you are restoring from may be a dud. Check too if you are doing a point in time restore, as the database will be marked "loading" until the last file has been restored.

    (2) Error 18204 is a permissions issue - you probaly dont have access permissions to the place you are backing the database up to.

    BTW - is a great resource for this sort of stuff.

    Post back if probs.


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