Hello....I am running Scho OpenServer Release 5. We have recently switched all our printing to laser printers from the ancient impact beasts. Everything works great. Only thing im wondering...because of the mass printing we do and the fact that we are switching from continuous to single form paper. Our print room is having a problem sorting thru the papers and telling a difference between accounts. My idea was this. We have 2 paper trays on a Dell 5200n laser printer. Default tray is 500 w/ a secondary tray of 250. If we would be able to put colored paper in the second tray and throw out one of those pages at the end of each account it would be much easier to sort our accounts paperwork. Is there a way to signal the laser printer which tray to use for a single print job. Possibly setting the seperate tray to a different lp designation so we can request the entire account on lp01 and the seperator page as lp11?

Thanks mucho

Our accounts are being printed w/ FilePro 5.0.05D4