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    Unanswered: Java problem with DB2 V8.1

    OS : AIX 5.1.0
    DB2 : V8.1 FP3

    Recently we upgraded our DB2 from V7.2 to V8.1.
    When we upgrade DB2, java also upgraded to V1.3.1 from V1.1.8.
    After this, we do not want to recompile our java programs(in application), which was compiled initially by V1.1.8.

    Is it possible? I was thinking of putting the old sqllib path in CLASSPATH. But i am not sure, how to acheive this??

    Could someone help me?

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    Re: Java problem with DB2 V8.1

    Java should be backwards compatible, i.e., the programs you've compiled with 1.1.8 should run in a JVM 1.3. To avoid "bad surprises", you should define a "Test Suite" for your Java Stored Procedures (with JUnit, for example), so that you can check your system everytime you change something.

    Rodney Krick

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    Thanks for your help.

    But we are getting the following error.

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/security/PrivilegedAction
    at<init>(Compiled Code)

    We are running
    java full version "JDK 1.1.8 IBM build a118-20000210 (JIT enabled: jitc V3.1-JDK1.1-20000210)"

    In our CLASSPATH, we have included:

    Any idea about this?

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    I am also encountering the same error. How to overcome this?

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    You may want to check the value of JDK_PATH in the dbm parameter, to see if it is pointing to the correct directory.

    Do a db2 get dbm cfg | grep JDK_PATH to see what the value is set to.
    and use db2 update dbm cfg using JDK_PATH <jdk_131_location> to update the value if it is incorrect.

    Originally posted by john99
    I am also encountering the same error. How to overcome this?

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