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    Unanswered: How can I sort records on a form?

    I have a "main" form that basically displays one record and all of the fields for that record. There is a next button, previous button, etc.

    Right now, when you go through the records (on my form) it goes by client number (my primary key).

    Can I possibly change it so that when I press next/previous it will go according to last name or something like that?

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    Select columns
    from table
    order by column.

    As an example, when creating a form with the wizard, select a query as the data source.
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    Can I do this even those the form is already made and all the fields are already there? (it took quite some time to get all the fields there with the positioning just right, etc)

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    Go to the Form Design and in the properties there is an Order By option (under the Data Tab)

    For example if you want to sort by account code and the is the source of the data is a query type QueryName.[Account Code]

    Square brackets required if you have used spaces in field names. If you want multiple criteria use something like

    QueryName.[Account Code],QueryName.Date etc etc

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