I am doing research/preparation on upgrading from SQL 7 to 2000.I came across some notes saying that there are some upgrade issues.Two issues which affect me are objects that have been renamed using the sp_rename stored procedure and stored procedures that reference system tables.These will apparently not be converted/created in the new database.How can I overcome/resolve these issues?

Also,if I upgrade the current server(instead of doing a clean install on a new machine)according to the Microsoft steps,it looks to me that
the only steps that need to be followed are:
- run setup from the cd to upgrade the existing installation
- repopulate full-text catalogs
- update statistics
- upgrade the meta data services tables and the repository database

What about transferring logins,scripting the jobs etc.?
Do I no longer need to worry about these steps? Are these automatically included in the upgrade?

What about the dts packages? Do they also get copied/upgraded to automatically? I haven't seen anything anywhere that requires you to copy/backup the packages.

Thanks in advance!