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    Unanswered: Disappearing Relationships

    I'm creating a database for a league table, match archive and player statistics system for a table tennis league for an A-Level ICT project, and am currenly having a very frustrating problem. My system has a complex system of relationships, but since I modified the layout of one query, every time i've exited the relationships screen the layout has been completely cleared!

    I thought that this may be a bug in Access, but I started a blank database with 2 tables and linked them with a relationship identical to the ones I was using (Referential Integrity enforced, cascade Update and Delete), and it remained when I exited and re-opened.

    I've deleted the original query which I think caused the problem, but it persists. Is there any way around this, or any simple explanation such as a viewing option which i've overlooked?

    Any help very much appreciated, this is one exasperating problem!

    I'm using Windows XP Home Edition and Access 2000.

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    Lightbulb Service packs

    What SPs are installed for access?
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