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Thread: FTP problems

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    Unanswered: FTP problems

    I use a zcript that is like this:

    # Working directory. Usually where you extracted it (/home/username/rvsstats

    # This is the directory where the log files get downloaded too.

    # Ftp info.

    cd $serverlogdir;
    ncftpget -u $FTPUSER -p $FTPPASS -v $FTPHOST -DD . '*./.log'
    cd $statsfiledir;
    sleep 5

    the script execute and connect to the ftp i got at home on a windows xp computer.
    But i get error like this from my ftp:

    13/02/2004/16:30:14 ! connected
    Detail-LOG: Key: USER Parameter: *******
    Detail-LOG: Key: PASS Parameter: ******
    13/02/2004/16:30:14 User: rvsstats IP: logged in.
    Detail-LOG: Key: PWD Parameter:
    Detail-LOG: Key: FEAT Parameter:
    Detail-LOG: Key: HELP Parameter: SITE
    Detail-LOG: Key: CLNT Parameter: NcFTPGet 3.1.3 linux-x86
    Detail-LOG: Key: PASV Parameter:
    User **.**.**.** tried to LIST a path not allowed. Path modified!
    Detail-LOG: Key: NLST Parameter: Sock 2.0
    13/02/2004/16:35:14 ! User: rvsstats IP: **.**.**.** disconnected

    and i get an error from my site like this:

    ncftpget .: no error.
    Data connection timed out.
    Could not read directory listing data: Connection timed outCould not read reply from control connection -- timed out.
    ncftpget *./.log: remote directory listing failed.
    file is empty

    and some times i get: "can not find files." or something like that

    even there is files there.

    I really need help with this, is it my ftp on my home computer?
    I have tried many different ones.
    Or is it the script that need some improvment to connect to my ftp.

    I can access and delete and all that stuff from a remote computer.
    But the script dont work on it.
    I use a router, but i have redirected it all to the server i got.

    Please help.
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