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    Unanswered: Fields in a combo box

    Can someone help me to find a way to view columns from SQL Server tables in a combo box? I don't want the data in the columns, I want the actual column names. I want the user to be able to pick the columns needed and run a query to get the data just from the columns chosen. I think what I need to do is run a SQL Server stored procedure from VB.
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    Can't remember exactly, you need to use ADO's field object, the code goes something like this:

    open connection to DB.
    open the recordset (lets call it RSRecordset) with a SELECT * FROM tablename.
    dim fldField as adodb.field
    for each fldfield in rsrecordset

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    Thanks for your help. I'm going to just manually add the columns after all. I think if I took all the columns it would be too much for the user to look through.
    Thanks again.

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