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    Unanswered: How to print booklets using VBA

    The macros recorder capture most of the code for setting up the printer except the code for "Print using booklet" Can anyone provide me with code to fully automate printing a booklet.

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    Welcome to the Board!

    I haven't run into this one before. What exactly is print to booklet?

    If you mean Duplex printing, as in printing on both sides, then select a Duplex printer (if you're on a network) and macro recording will generate the code that you need.

    My apologies if I misunderstood!


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    How to print booklets using VBA

    What I'm trying to do is fully automate printing two pages side by side and duplex. I have a 4 page "Total Compensatin Statement" which I need to print in this order. Page one and page four will be printed on one side (Page one being on the right) and page two and three on the back side so when the paper is folded it creates a booklet. I can do the page setup manually by using the following: File - Page Setup - options - other options - and print using booklet. I found some code over the weekend but the property only aplied to Office 2002 and we use Office 2000. I hope this helps you help me.


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