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Thread: Hide a Part?

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    Unanswered: Hide a Part?

    Is there a way to write a script that can hide some part of Columnar list/report format Layout?

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    if you are speaking simply of the printed layouts then you can use the sliding field function, but this only works on paper or in preview mode. If this need to be part of your interface then look into creating a disappearing portal.

    Filemaker only displays information in a portal if the keys are valid, thus you can hide things in a portal and turn them on and off by changing the key feilds. In most cases and relate to Constant (a field with the value '1') in each record. Then I create a 'test' calc. If(X=Z;1;0).

    As long as X=Z, then I see my data in the portal, otherwise I do not.

    I can send you a sample if it helps



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